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Guns N' Roses are playing a show tomorrow night in Mexico

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2 hours ago, Salsh Borski said:

I love how they did So Fine and Axl wasn’t even on stage to do his parts 🤣. It seems that it’s duff’s new solo spot instead of attitude.  Anyhow, I skipped through this and Doof sounds so shit on So Fine And Axl is shit on every single fucking song



Full show, excellent I'm gonna cue up the whole shit show on TV and see how much I can take before I go back to researching the horrors of coronavirus.



Edit: I am amazed through this whole show GNR got a cameraman standing on a platform in the security pit 

This blocks the view of people in the Pit and the good seats behind them just so GNR can film home movies for themselves.


With Axl's shit voice this footage is mostly useless

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the alpha and the omega the yin and the yang the thicc and the sticc

Closest thing to rasp we'll get is the sound of his pants ripping at the seams when he tries one of his fat moves.   Off to bed, can't wait for this shitshow tomorrow. Gonna be a banner day

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Axl had from the November 2 Vegas show to the 31st January Miami show, and now last night show March 14th, to at least lose 15-20 pounds so he can sing at least one note that doesn't sound like he's out of breathe. WTF does he do with his time between lengthy gaps between shows? Its like 5 weeks until the next tour date, he'll look the exact same come April the 8th. 

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7 minutes ago, Faxl Rows said:

Amazing how he was a laughing stock to most people when turning out some decent performances in 06-07, and now it's the complete reverse. 


Just watched Rock AM Ring Better from 06 and my christ, it's worlds away

It was always about slash. Without slash he had 0 credibility to the average person. I was always the opposite. Gnr shows sound good when Axl sounds good. 


The idea of slash being back was better than the reality. With a fat mickey mouse impersonator on vocals, it doesn't matter who's playing guitar 

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1 minute ago, Frank Drebin said:

Slash credibility took a nose dive when a 7ft Guitarist with a KFC bucket on his head and a white mask made his songs sound light years better than Slash did and he's the guy who made them. 

Unfortunately the general public didn't really give any of the new guys a chance. I personally loved bucket. Band was more fun in 00-12 than this boring snoozefest 

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