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Axl is so fat that ducks throw bread at him

Axl Rose is so fat that Richard Fortus can’t use his nose as a sundial.

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20 hours ago, Bill brasky said:


I need to find some of these seeds...


Fat Axl was created by one of our genetic specialists by the name of Masta Cylinda (responsible for breeding Pua Mana 'Ohana strains like Maui Mango Diesel, Hawai'i Cream and Kona Pua'a).

While taking bong hits and surfing the internet, Masta Cylinda stumbled across an article about how Gun's and Roses lead singer Axl Rose was trying to get the hilarious Fat Axle memes people had created taken down by google. After rolling around on the floor laughing at numerous Fat Axle memes, conversation came back to where it always returns to: breeding pakalolo.

We had saved some pollen from a male of The Hog bred by THSeeds from our project; Kona Pua'a (Pua'a is the Hawaiian word for hog) and Cylinda had a oldie but goodie cut of AK-47 from back in the day in his genetics chamber.

Fat Axl Rose = The Hog

Gun's and Roses = Ak-47

Ak-47 x The Hog
and walla...

Fat Axl was born!

We intended to get a good laugh and try out a new flav for fun, what we did not intend was for her to be so popular, so potent and to spread so far.

Both the Hog and AK are phat yielding heavy hitters and every pheno we pulled from the F1 seed stock was absolutely mental!!

We passed clones F1 seeds and cuttings to our 'Ohana and soon enough Fat Axl was hogging space in grow rooms all over the islands and even on the west coast.



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3 minutes ago, creed said:

Axl is so fat that his favourite band is CAKE now and I Will Survive is his prayer before every desert



Someone should deep fake Axl's face on the guy with the cop helmet in the thumbnail

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3 hours ago, creed said:

There are so many unfunny people in Hollywood. He is one of them. He is the exact opposite of Axl, when it comes to self-irony. 




Big oof. He looks genuinely pained in all of those clips, it's right there in the eyes. Damn. 

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16 minutes ago, arnold layne said:


Jonah Hill or the bitch TV lady?

That french fry was actually pretty funny. I was surprised that they roasted him. Its a bless, when a girl does these kind of jokes. Sure, it wasnt her joke most probably, but it was actually really good and funny. Jonah Hill is a total pussy. He is fat and get roles because he is fat. He seems to be the only guy, who doesnt get it. 


This is also really dumb. He called a paparazzi faggot and made a scene on fallon like he punched him or called him nigga or whatever. How is this guy even considered as comedic actor? Imagine Chris Farley or John Candy being like this... 



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