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Disturbing! Knife-carrying, alcohol & drug-addict member of W. Axl Rose's touring band begs authorities: "More Police!"

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Seattle P.H.D. woman begs to differ from W. Axl Rose's friend, associate and woke-as-fuck business partner Duff "Rose" Mckagan!


Not only that!


Seattle P.H.D. woman goes one step further and accuses punk as fuck member of W. Axl Rose's touring band of having "blood" on his "hands"!


Born and raised — and now raising my own family — in Seattle, my heart broke while reading last week’s letters to The Seattle Times regarding the downtown shooting. Like the writers, I mourn Tanya Jackson’s death and the scars of those injured by or who witnessed the shooting. And I agree we need city and state leaders’ action. But what deepened my sadness was many of the writers’ dehumanizing language and a near-universal call for city leaders to solve issues by boosting law enforcement.Certainly, those who shot people should be held accountable. But as a mental-health clinician and public-health researcher, I believe our city’s issues will be better solved with complex solutions addressing root causes, such as our region’s income inequality, inadequate evidence-based mental-health-care access, affordable housing shortages and regressive tax code.Guns N’ Roses rock star Duff McKagan even weighed in, closing by saying, “Seattle is my city.” I beg to differ: Seattle is our city. And until we come together with compassionate, meaningful solutions that get at the root causes of these problems, some of the blood from last week’s shooting is on all of our hands.

Katherine Hoerster, Seattle, Ph.D., MPH





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