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1 hour ago, Facekicker said:

We had cases here down to 5 cases a day in the whole country but over the weekend it exploded to 174 cases in one day after an outbreak at meat factory's. 


Tiny in comparison to other countries figures but we are a small country of 5 million. 


As of today masks are compulsory in shops and other indoor settings with fines of €2500 and/or 6 months in jail for not doing so. 



It is depressing we have to encourage Americans to wear a mask. 


Quite apparently this country lacks education. 


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4 hours ago, Jonah Falcon said:

Help me understand.

5 million covid cases in the US.

160,000 deaths


Today I read that the experts say that probably 50 million Americans have been effected. Due to those who are asymptomatic, who barely felt it, who just thought they had a cold - and were never tested. The estimate is that 50 million Americans have probably had it.


So now that makes it 50 million people and 160,000 deaths.  Which breaks down to 1 out of 500 people who get the disease will die.  That's a lot different number than when people were saying 1% or 1.5% fatal rate.


I also looked at the CDC website and looked at the ages of people who died. Basically 40% of the overall deaths are people over the age of 55. With the majority of those people being in nursing homes.


If you are over the age of 55 and you have pre-existing conditions, then Covid is a major concern for you.


If you are under the age of 55 and aren't fat and/or you do not have a major underlying health condition?  Looking at the numbers, it appears that if you get the Covid your chances of hit being fatal are like 1 on 1,500.


Does it suck that people are dying? Yes, of course.  But if you get pneumonia, the flu, a bad infection - that 1 in 1,500 number isn't out of line with any of those things.


The popular phrase and debate was that Covid was no worse than a bad flu.  Both sides were right and both sides were wrong.  


For healthy people, especially if you are under the age of 55, then Covid is literally no worse than the season flu bugs that we all battle every few years.

For the obese people, people with other health problems (especially if you are elderly) then the death rate is higher than the season flu that comes every year. Though not by much.


Caveat, I also know that you can't fully trust the numbers. My uncle recently died from Covid. So his death was listed as a Covid death. He was also at a Hospice nursing home suffering from several ailments. The doctor told him and my aunt that he probably wouldn't make it more than a week or two, that a month would be a miracle - which is why he was in the hospice side. When asked "should we have relatives come say goodbye" the doctor said he would have them come within a week.  His death was listed as Covid. Without Covid he would have maybe lived a week longer.   The thing about that is that if he'd caught the flu or even a common cold, those would have made him die sooner as well.


So he was listed as Covid death. Even though he was literally a week away from dying.

Hampshire County, Mass. is now up to 129 Covid deaths.

I hope it was worth it :max: 

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My theory is nothing helps, everyone will or has got this. It’s like a feral animal of a virus. The question is how many old or fat people you got? Sweden is a bunch of hot models that eat Rivita by choice. If you eat McDonald’s for breakfast you are dancing with Mrs. Covid. She going to take half of your life. 

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The vaccine against coronavirus is ready and registered. Vladimir Putin announced this today at the meeting in the Kremlin.
The effectiveness of the vaccine was tested by one of the President's daughters. According to Putin, on the first day after the vaccination, the temperature rose, but then her condition returned to normal and she got the antibodies in sufficient quantities for immunity from coronavirus.
Putin emphasized that vaccination will be voluntary. But he noted that there is no doubt about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
Russia has repeatedly saved the world with its vaccines - it was in Russia where vaccines against cholera, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and other dangerous diseases were invented.
At the same time, foreign pharmaceutical companies called on Russia not to release the vaccine so early. And here there is no medicine context, it seems that only business is important. Russia won the vaccine race and such a competitor in a profitable business is very uncomfortable. But when it comes to the health of millions of people, Russia has no intention of thinking about money. Vaccination for Russians will be free.

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A vaccine just gives you a low dose of the virus or parts of it, to build immunity but not actually give you the virus. So you trick the body into producing antibodies that fight virus. So if it turns up have Antigen soldiers on the ground waiting to fight the pathogen invaders. 


You can get mild side effects from vaccines like a fever but you will be ok. A few people will be allergic.


In Africa Bill Gates found that the conditions you administer the vaccine also matters. If it’s not sterile environment things go south. You can kind of invent anew virus if you aren’t careful. I think Zika developed from the Ebola vaccine. If you are in the west the vaccine should be safe or at least safer than getting this covid strain. 

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I hate to be one of those "the press lied about such n such", but my god, did they really do a number on people about antibodies. 


You don't have active antibodies in your blood all the time for every virus or bacteria you've ever encountered.  They've known this for decades.  Your immunity to a pathogen has everything to do with your T-Cells.  Y'know, the same T-Cells that get killed by HIV?  Your immunity to something isn't related to how many antibodies you've got floating around in your blood at any random time.  Immunity is in your T-Cells.  Again, let's go back to AIDS.  HIV lowers your T-Cell count- and you become unable to fight off viruses, bacteria, and fungi that you would normally squash.  Why?  Because your T-Cells are gone.  They can't do their job.  If you have a healthy T-Cell count, and they detect a virus they've seen before, they respond, sometimes by producing antibodies, sometimes by doing the job themselves, sometimes by other means (B-Cells or whatever).  I might be conflating some things about immunity, but the bottom line is the antibody articles that ran earlier in the pandemic were scare tactics and social manipulation. 


I'm no expert, but this whole "the antibodies disappear so you can get reinfected" argument is nonsense.  You might get reinfected by a mutated strain of the virus which just happened to mutate in a way that your immune system isn't as good at fighting off- think of the common cold or flu.  Or, you may have never fully cleared the virus in the first place, and it flares up again.  SARS-CoV2 might be unique, but its family of viruses is not.  There's plenty of data about coronaviruses and how they work. 


Trump's plan all along was to let as many people get infected as possible. The cold harsh reality is that the actual number of people who've been infected is much, much higher than we know.  Therefore the death rate is much lower than it appears to be.  It's still scary and it's still dangerous, and you may not know if you have a condition which means it'll kill you, but I'm just sayin, a lot of people have had it already. 


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I read it’s better to have been sick a lot so that builds up your overall immunity. So if you have flu, you might shake off the next strain of the flu. This is why Asian countries do better, because they are exposed to more viruses and bacteria. The thing they don’t know about antibodies is if you had covid how long those antibodies stay in your body. So just because you have no antibodies doesn’t mean you didn’t have it. So you will never know if you had it really. So testing is kind of not really worth it in that way. But they have a 90 minute test which tells you if you have it right now. So that’s how flights can start again, with fast testing things might get back normal. Cavity search. Low and hard. 


I don’t think anyone really believed that you could get reinfected by the same strain. But there was a lot of that. Start at the worst case scenario. That was the media though. They just call up a scientist and the miserable guy would just tell them the bad news. A lot of those experts or papers quoted weren’t peer reviewed. In other words they were just some guys guess. 


Remember it survived on surfaces for 72 hours. So it could be on mail from Spain. They walked everything back after they got the stimulus packs. But just today they are saying New Zealand have got 4 new infections. And it’s from some frozen Seafood packs. It lives in the frozen food section. Covid is chilling with the Curly Fries just waiting find a warm body to get up in. 

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I'm skeptical about the Russian vaccine.


They have just started Phase III trials today apparently – which Oxford, Moderna and Sinovac (Chinese) already did months ago. Phase III trials are extremely important for vaccine development, as it allows us to monitor side effects, toxicity and immunity in a much larger scale. Phases I/II work with a few hundred volunteers, while Phase III would mean around ~30,000 volunteers.


At the same time, I don't think Putin would make a fool of himself and deploy a vaccine that hasn't been tested carefully into the general population. It could be that Russia has illegally/unethically done Phase III trials in secrecy in parallel, and the Phase III trials now are just a facade. If Russia can easily throw doctors out of windows… it's possible that they tested the vaccine months ago on prisoners or some fucked up shit.


Interesting times… I hope it works out.

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