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March 2019 Moderna attempted a U.S. patent for RNA vaccine's that included this reason for its need.





The patent was not approved until over a year later in May 2020 during the lockdown.



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So...a highly contagious virus that would be easy to weaponize, that had a vaccine developed, was approved to use when a new virus of the same type showed up. Ok.

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2 hours ago, bacardimayne said:

Does that make Walmart Satan?

Walmart is the god that failed.


They put all other deities out of business by being cheaper. Now Amazon is cheaper by having a virtual pyramid and the pharaohs send us gifts by drone. 

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55 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

Last night they advertised the 2021 Olympic Games on the NBC Network. 


Why are they advertising a worldwide event when we are in a pandemic that will (they say) last years. 


I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. 

Agreed.  The world is going crazy.

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Facebook have blocked the video of her on Tucker Carlson. Labelled it false information or some shit. 


In other words, some arts student with a fucking useless degree in bullshit (I should know, I got a fucking PhD in the field) decided that because Orange Man Bad and Zucks wife is Chinese,  the Doctor on the big bad evil Faux News must be wrong. 


I don't even care if the Doctor is wrong, she at least wrote a 23 page fucking paper and put her claim out there to be studied. 


But not by faceless, nameless Facebook "Independent Experts." 


Cause we all know they are a bunch of useless biased cunts. 

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12 hours ago, bacardimayne said:



They're going to throw your kids in FEMA camps against your will if they cough at school. Welcome to the New Normal.


Is this the reason Hussein built so many FEMA camps during his presidency,

while also financing the Wuhan Virus Lab with tax payer money.



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