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I am going to be brutally honest.    As a new Dad I am scared shitless. A new case of coronavirus popped up nine miles away from where I live. So it is here. My wife's dad lives with us at t

Here are the official Coronavirus guidelines:   1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.   2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have

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5 minutes ago, AxlisOld said:

Step 1, stay the fuck out of China. There, you're safe. The guy in Washington has been quarantined.


What if I told you that flights to the US from China happen regularly and that future flights could also be compromised by the virus? 

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What if I told you that the people who are dying are Chinese? China isn't known for being a) the cleanest country b) the most spacious (people packed together) and c) having citizens with the most common sense.


This shit will end up like the SARS scare a couple dozen people die, and overall a 97% survival rate. This isn't a new plague.

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11 minutes ago, Frank Drebin said:

Is it waterborne? What's known about the virus?


They theorize it came from a Wuhan seafood market selling illegal meats. 


Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed. It seems pretty contagious. Symptoms are similar to pneumonia.

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Just now, Facekicker said:

It helps that people don't tend to shit in the street in the West. 


Except Sam Francisco. 


Yeah they are fucked 


It is funny and sad you joke about that because it is true. Last time I was in LA, a homeless woman lifted up her skirt and pissed in the middle of the sidewalk. A patrol was on the scene and did absolutely nothing about it. He went along his business. I will never forget it. Scarred me for life to be honest with you. 

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