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John Bonham

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Well, if it should ever happen, it might as well be a double album....... covers I'd suggest:


Disc #1


"Fat Dance" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Fat" - Violent Femmes      (Perfect choice)

"The Fat Man's Hop" - Fats Domino

"Fat Man" - Nazareth    (Another perfect choice)

"Big Fat Money" - Van Halen

"Fat Jack" - Steppenwolf

"Fat Gut" - Robin Trower

"Eat Some More" - Alice Cooper

"The Fat Angel" - Donovan

"Fat Person Man" - Jimmy Buffet

"Fat Lenny" - Ween

"Fat Boys" - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"Cheeseburger in Paradise"  - Jimmy Buffet


Disc #2

"We Are Hungry Men" - David Bowie

"Hey Fat Man" - Fats Domino

"Fat Cat" - Bootsy Collins (Buckethead could guest here?)

"Hey Fat Boy" - Ween

"Hungry Daze" - Deep Purple

"Stay Hungry" - Twisted Sister

"Gettin' Hungry" - Beach Boys

"Hungry" - Eric Clapton

"Fat Man" - Jethro Tull

"Eat at Home" - Paul McCartney

"I think I'm going bald" - Rush

"You can't fool that fat man" - Randy Newman

"If French Fries were fat free" - Alan Jackson

"Fat Boy Requiem" - Meat Puppets




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On 1/15/2020 at 9:07 AM, EstrangedTWAT said:

I still want an over the top, flamboyantly gay, Liberace-style one man Vegas revue....a permanent residency, where he puts on two shows a day, both in the afternoon, cause he's a senior citizen.


I just imagine him coming out on to a tacky, gaudy stage, draped head to toe in an exquisite velvet robe, giant ugly fucking rings on every finger, huge horrible obvious toupee.........

And then he'll sit at this ridiculously oversized grand piano and just tickle the ivory for about 90 minutes, telling bawdy jokes to the crowd of 100% saggy titted soccer moms until they throw their giant grannie panties at the stage.....and he'll do Elton John covers, and Queen covers, and Liberace, and every gay ass AM radio ballad from the 70s.....


Holy fucking shit I want that more than an actual GNR album.   Can't you guys just picture how amazing that would be??

Him and David Lee Roth can team up and make an album, it never gets released of course. Rumors of Axl getting hungry and eats Diamond Dave's little chicken body after a night of drinking.



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EstrangedTWAT, you're describing Tony Clifton.


Also, a solo release with deelowbrown's tracklist would be genius. I can even imagine articles in the likes of Vox and Slate saying shit like "How Axl Rose Fights Bodyshame In His New Album" or "The Brutal Honesty in Axl Rose's New Masterpiece."

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Thank you.  I may be a middle aged fat slacker, but I'll stand up and take pride in my ability to paint a decent picture with my words, and if you'll pardon my unbridled Black rapper-like hubris, I know I am one funny motherfucker.

Edited by EstrangedTWAT

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Just now, Knuckles said:

Witchita Lineman makes me want a GNR country album

cbgbs 1987 makes me want axl, izzy, slash, steven and that punk fuck to write, record, release and perform live an acoustic album

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