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Conspiracy thread

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I don't remember if we've ever had a main topic for conspiracy theories, so here goes.


After the US-Iran tension last weeks I decided to go on some good old conspiracy forums to see if I'd find some cool theories. And boy, did I! There was nothing that got my eye on Global Research but, as usual, Godlike Productions is an endless rabit-hole of insanity. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love conspiracy theories, and they do get on my nerves, because I can't stop thinking "what if?"


Well, I imagine some of you have heard of the QAnon conspiracy, right? In case you missed it, it's basically an extra-large version of Pizzagate. Now there's a new one, I believe the first public expositions of this were just like 4 days ago, but digging it up I found out posts dating back to September on 4chan, about this Somerset Belenoff lady, has anyone seen this too? Lady Belenoff, the Witch of Glamis, heir of both Rasputin and Queen Elizabeth, she's basically the Illuminatti Queen - and Stairway to Heaven was written for/about her, as she and Jimmy Page were close friends and occultist rivals, hanging out together at Boleskine (Crowley's place). I said the story was cool.


Search for her name on Google, and then load the pages on cache, because they have all been taken down already (they do that so it appears that someone took it down).


I went throw the whole result of the Google search on her name, and as I said, there are posts from September 2019 on 4chan - they were building up her character. Apparently there's a term for it now? Larping? As in "Live Action Role Playing".


Anyway, I can't help but think how much this stuff, and all the stuff like this, does nothing to help conspiracy "theorists." I mean, I too, like conspiracy fiction, the good kind is the one in which you really, really can't let go of the "What if?", like most of Robert Anton Wilson's work, but overall this is like if there was a historians convention and someone showed up with Bernard Cornwell books.


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This Lady Belenoff, who most certainly doesn't exist, is said to be the head of House of Wettin, which I didn't know the existence of until yesterday and whom the Windsor are simply a branch.


From Wikipedia:

Agnates of the House of Wettin have, at various times, ascended the thrones of Great Britain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Saxony, and Belgium. Only the British and Belgian lines retain their thrones today.




Anyway, the official head of this Wettin dynasty is this guy called Michael, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. Look at him:



I'm 100% sure this guy is Illuminati. Just look at him. If the Illuminati exist this guy is definetly one.

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