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John Bonham


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01. Damn_Smooth - Ragnar, Mafia Goon
02. Bill Brasky - Wolf Blitzer, Town Doctor
03. arnold layne - Greta Thunberg, Town Tracker
04. magisme - downzy, Town Cop
05. Facekicker - Hunter Biden, Town
06. Dr. Strangelove - Kanye West, Town
07. Deadstar - Vladimir Putin, Town
08. uruguns - Chasyn Rance, Mafia Goon
09. Iwasjustkidding1 hotdogman - Leslie Jones, Town
10. matir98 - Trigglypuff, Town
11. popcorn's snare - Rick Dunsford, Mafia Roleblocker

12. McDaddy Salsh Borski - Chuck Woolery, Town

13. RedHook - Jeffrey Epstein, Town

14. GnRLiars - Alex Jones, Town

15. School of Athens - Jussie Smollett, Town

16. KFCBucket - Robert Kraft, Town


Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

End and Post-Game

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Game Setup
3 Mafia / 13 Town


Power Roles
1 Mafia Roleblocker
1 Doctor
1 Cop
1 Tracker


The Cop's Sanity is determined by whether or not the Doctor is protecting him

If the Cop is being protected, his investigation will turn up Paranoid

If the Cop isn't being protected, his investigation will be Sane.


The Doctor must select someone to protect each night

In the event the Doctor don't submit an action, it will be randomized by the Moderator


Mafia Roleblocker may not personally send in a Kill and a Roleblock on the same Night

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3 hours ago, Deadstar said:

Hi all, It's 11.30 pm here, just so you all know my time zone is out of whack with a lot of you. 


I also know fuck all about the subject matter.

What the shit is this?

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1 hour ago, popcorn's snare said:

Can you believe those commies in Canada edited Donald Trump out of Home Alone 2?  


Still waiting for the new players to be identified.  


Mcdaddy is a friend of mine and played last game. Iwasjustkidding1 played last game too and I think is from the discord.


the others I have no idea who they are !

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13 hours ago, popcorn's snare said:

Can we turn back on the "edited by" thing?  I know you can see if someone edits their post, but if you're not around and they do it, it could affect the game?   Dunno how much of a pain in the ass it is.  


Who in the fuck are: 


09. Iwasjustkidding1
10. matir98

12. McDaddy

13. RedHook

15. School of Athens


JB you can see IP addresses and stuff?  At least one of them is Facekicker.  Sneaky irish bastard.  

:lol: I'd have better usernames to be honest 

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