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I honestly don't know how anyone who was a fan of the original 3 movies could shit on this......when that x-wing landed...........

Axl and Fernando announcing 2022 tour dates   

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3 hours ago, Manhattan said:

I just watched the 1st episode.


I hope they make the Mandalorian himself less cringe, faux badass but I enjoyed it. 

Pedro Pascal has his pronouns in his NAME (not bio, NAME) and is a Woke Twitter icon. He allegedly had a meltdown on the set, probably over Gina Carano's opinions.


That said I don't think he's been bad at all.

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19 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Guess I'm the odd man out.  Was borderline bored this week and last.  Obviously I never gave a shit about all those kids' cartoons over the years.


Dawson did nothing for me.  Plank of wood will less personality than Qui Gonn.   Ugly head...thingies too.


Then there was this stunning reveal:



I loved this show so much so I knew it was gonna have start dipping in season 2.   But all these cartoon characters mean jack shit to me.  I liked the first season better and I really like ep 1 season 2 so far.

Same here, still haven't watched most of these animated bullshit series, just read the story


Dawson is cool though. Grogu is a pretty retarded name, although they overloaded the "cuteness"

The villains in this episode were more flat than the earth lol


Overall, pretty good episode seeing lightsabers again were cool


I guess you just doesn't like black and mixed chicks. It's your loss

I'd fuck Dawson in a heartbeat. Remember Shop Stop 2?

She did ass to mouth

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Oh, fuck right off Link


It’s important to note in this review that Dawson’s casting as Ahsoka is a controversial one. Last year, a former employee of Rosario Dawson and her family sued the actor, accusing the family of transphobia and physical assault. But 18 of the 20 accusations, including discrimination and misgendering, have since been dropped, and Dawson has called the allegations “baseless.” The claims of a physical altercation with Dawson’s mother will be considered in court in December. Some Star Wars fans are collecting funds for the Transgender Law Center in response.

Still laughing about the word "misgender"



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11 hours ago, RedHook said:

I liked EP 13 today.



Though I didn't expect the Ashoka character to almost 100% animated looking. I thought I clicked on Clone Wars by accident for a second.

Not what I was expecting, I was always picturing Rosario Dawson with a real headress on. 😁

I enjoyed it. Lots of action, lightsabers, and cute Grogu

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7 hours ago, John Bonham said:

I enjoyed it. Lots of action, lightsabers, and cute Grogu


It was a good episode,

the begininng just threw me off a bit. I wasn't expecting the character to be so computer animated looking.

Why did they even hire a famous actress, that could have been anybody under all that animation.


I seriously checked to see if I had clicked on Clone Wars by accident.


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1 hour ago, Doctor Dom said:

So there's been another Jedi alive besides Luke (and Ben and Yoda) alive all this time?


I hate that shit.


And doesn't the Yoda baby invalidate Luke/Leia being the only hope?

Well, there's actually a fix to that in a sense. Yoda we saw was present at Luke and Leia's birth, so he knows about Leia. But when he says "No, this is another" in Empire (if Luke turns to the dark side) he could be referring to this other Jedi. Originally, Luke's sister was supposed to be a separate character anyway....Lucas made her Leia for convenience.

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35 minutes ago, President-Elect Pepe said:

Since the prequels all the established rules have been broken so many times that it is all meaningless at this point. 



I'd say Empire or Return of the Jedi it's been broken. I mean originally Luke's dad, and Vader were supposed to be two separate characters. In the original Empire script, we actually had Luke's father appear as a force ghost. Luke's sister was supposed to be an original character introduced in Episode 7, but Lucas was burnt out and made her Leia to end the trilogy.

Or even Obi Wan's retcon of the first two films with the whole "certain point of view" shit - that Vader DID betray and murder Luke

It's been broken for a very long time, ever since Lucas decided to make Vade be Luke's father.

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