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Michael Buffer > Bruce Buffer

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I think it was on this site that some asshole was ragging on Michael Buffer and saying he was inferior to Bruce Buffer.  Like what the fuck.  What bizarro universe do we live in that someone could actually prefer Bruce to Michael for opening announcer duties?


  I'm not being homophobic here- it's well known that Bruce is a fudge packing cokehead.  I just think his voice sounds amateur-ish. He doesn't have a good voice for the job- it sounds 'dusty' and not professional sounding.  Bruce sounds like he's at some junior college acting class, trying hard to do a good job.  And yet he's somehow the #1 guy for UFC.  Michael Buffer is superior in every way- he looks the part, his voice is on point, and he coined the phrase "let's get ready to rumble."  


What do you think?  Are there any people here who actually prefer gay Bruce? 

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they're both fine at what they do


bruce brings the ufc bro-hype and michael brings that touch of sophistication that boxing requires


i wouldn't want to hear bruce announce a boxing match and i wouldnt want to hear michael do a ufc fight

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