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What happened to the Discord channel?

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Just now, Litti said:


Any other gnr related discords around?

Discord is down atm

I'm rebuilding the server, invite link soon.

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Just now, Dr. Strangelove said:

You gave me plenty of reason :)

1) i havent invited towel

2) i said i was gonna pay you half of that, you cheap shit

3) im studying for a test this wednesday, i cant be online all the time

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1 minute ago, uruguns said:

Discord will revert the changes anyway. Mentally unstable prick.

You say that like Discord wasn't entirely my idea and you weren't just a passenger on Mr. Strangelove's wild ride


The 3rd world room will die before it even begins

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18 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:



a changed man = towel

Oh geez
Just do another discord, i still need that 86 Nightrain rehearsal

Couldn't give less of a fuck about discord/forum drama anymore

Never trust brazilians/3rdworlders is a good start for the future



Btw i still don't know what happened/went down between you two, but anybody who let towelweaver in is a fraud in my book. Almost MSL/WC/walker level of annoying


Edit: just looked at the "new" uruguns discord, towel is a mod/admin and most of the posters are the worst from GNR discords


RIP,  i guess
It was good while it lasted

Maybe i come back to the forums after all... (but without any links and leaks, it's pretty pointless these days)


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