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Slash and Duff on Ozzy’s album

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It propably looks like that   Duff: Hey Boss, maybe we will try to work on some new songs? Axl: Ok, but you said you wanted new solo album Duff: Oh yeah, so we’ll work on it after

Ozzy is 15 years older than Axl......did 100 times more drugs/drinking.........hasn't even jogged more than an 1/8th of a mile at one time........and he still sounds better live than Axl does. Sort of

Every song he does these days suffers from horrible delivery (the verses) and stupid, rhyming lyrics.

I'm looking at rubbish like Crucify the Dead- embarrassing vocal delivery in the verses and lyrics so dumb Ozzy probably scrawled them himself in whatever colour crayon he hadn't eaten yet.

Ozzy hated working with Michael Beinhorn on Ozzmosis cause he made him work very hard on his vocals and do a lot of takes- everything after that you can tell that that Ozzy isn't being pushed vocally.


He sounds pretty good here but the song itself is pretty rubbish, even if it does follow the 70s Sab formula.

The guitar is very nondescript, but it's better than Zakk Wyldes horrid squealing to my ears.





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8 minutes ago, sixes said:


Down To Earth has a few good songs sprinkled throughout but overall, it's not a good album.


Black Rain and Scream are trash

I enjoy Black Rain and Scream more.

They aren’t like great albums or something but they are not bad at all. 

For example songs like Diggin Me Down.

I don’t really see anything bad about this song. And it’s 100% better than Scraped or Riad N The Bedouins.

His work is not as good as in his early years but it’s not trash 

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