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Would Axl risk prison time to perform YCBM and ISE in Massachusetts?

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The only thing that would make this article even better is if the State Rep's first name was Mike.  :lol:


What could Axl do to avoid a potential fine or prison sentence in Massachusetts?

Sing the songs with his back to the audience, so nobody can accuse him of directing the B-word at them?


Change the B-word in the songs to "girl" or "female dog"?


Not play the B-word songs at all?


Good thing he hasn't performed Back Off Bitch in 28 years.



"The state legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary considered the bill, which was introduced a few months ago by state Rep. Dan Hunt, a Democrat. The bill says that “a person who uses the word 'bitch' directed at another person to accost, annoy, degrade or demean the other person shall be considered to be a disorderly person.” According to Boston.com, the penalties “provide for a fine of not more than either $150 or $200, or jail time of up to six months.” As for a reporting mechanism, either the offended party or a third-party witness can report offenders to the police."



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3 minutes ago, John Bonham said:

The problem with simply abandoning an official label to the insulting masses is that it requires finding a new label, and we know what will happen next.




Context: I stopped using the B-word a couple years ago. Now I just say "unfriendly woman."


As in, "wow, you are being a real unfriendly woman," or "what an unfriendly woman." 


It serves the same purpose for me, and my wife knows what I really mean anyway. I love it. :D

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