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Little dick man gets lifetime ban cause Fernando can

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Rick did right by the fans. That is a undeniable fact.    

Rick also paid over 2K for the VIP experience, which means his name was on the "official" VIP list.  Didn't take a CSI:Wichita team to figure it out..........

How did they know that Rick Dunsford would be there?   Rick posted on social media that he was going to that particular show.   Obviously, "monitoring" Facegram is one of Fernando'

Sometimes I really wish loving him was way easier than it really is. I am daily dealing with the fact that everything I so badly wish for is, most likely, never going to happen, and it just starts getting on my nerves every now and then. There are moments when I look at him and feel hundreds of butterflies filling my stomach, making me feel so lighthearted and overall happy with everything I feel for him. And then there are moments when it just makes me feel disappointed... and sad... and heartbroken. All these fantasies I have are so beautiful that they just hurt sometimes. I want to cuddle him, but it ain’t possible. I want to give him a loving, heartfelt hug, but it ain’t possible. I can only imagine how much his touch and the warmth of his body would fulfill my heart to the fullest, and how much I‘d want this exact moment to last for forever and a day. His warmth, his scent, his breath... these are the things I want. Feeling and perceiving these things is everything I want. Knowing that I can’t have them can hurt bitterly, so deeply and harshly sometimes. It‘s a weight that I carry on my shoulders which I‘ll probably never be able to get rid off. I wish I could just accept it, since I am aware of how different reality is from my most inner wishes and dreams. The pain‘s alright most of the time, though I still wish I didn’t have to perceive it in the first place. Despite how happy Axl makes me every single day, loving him still remains one of the hardest things to do sometimes.

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On 10/10/2019 at 4:28 AM, Dr. Brownstone said:

As long as he doesn't buy VIP and doesn't announce he's going to a show on social media, I don't see how they would find him in the crowd.



Facial recognition software is real and has been publicly used for a long time now, beginning with airports and casinos many years ago.


Venues began using it to identify those on homeland security's "list", when you go through the entrance is when your image is captured and if there's any kind of a "match" they will either grab you or closely monitor you. Big Brother is here to stay.




"Concert venues and organizers are turning to facial recognition solutions to identify security threats such as stalkers and important individuals who are to be treated as VIPs. Taylor Swift fans were unknowingly scanned at a kiosk that displayed rehearsal clips of the star at her Rose Bowl performance this year. The facial recognition software was able to identify potential security threats by sending images of concertgoers to a "Nashville "command post" where they were cross-referenced with a database of hundreds of the pop star's known stalkers." Ticketmaster has invested in facial recognition technology to scan concertgoers for the purpose of identifying VIPs and high rollers who will be able to pay a fee to avoid waiting in line at the turnstiles. "

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