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Little dick man gets lifetime ban cause Fernando can

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Breaks of the game, I'm afraid.


There is something to be said for keeping a low profile.  You have to measure if putting your name up in lights to get the adulation is wise considering it is shining a light on activities that are frowned upon at best, illegal at worst.


see also : Gotti, John

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Rick did right by the fans. That is a undeniable fact.    

Rick also paid over 2K for the VIP experience, which means his name was on the "official" VIP list.  Didn't take a CSI:Wichita team to figure it out..........

How did they know that Rick Dunsford would be there?   Rick posted on social media that he was going to that particular show.   Obviously, "monitoring" Facegram is one of Fernando'

35 minutes ago, Ragnar said:

If Rick was n't a dumbshit and kept his pie hole shut, none of this would happen.


Jesus, I do wonder how these imbeciles cope with day-to-day life even in a semi-coherent way :lol::facepalm:

I still think MSL and Walker would have found out and ran to TB...

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Ever the petulant child, our Fat Axl. Is this shit he was sitting on expecting Slash to lay overdubs on like Ron did with CD? Obviously with the inclusion of Hardschool on recent sets. It's all trash that the fat fuck was sitting on for almost two decades. Proving that if - and a big IF we ever get a new album from this "band," it's gonna be exactly what Van Halen did with "A Different Kind Of Truth" - rehashing old shit. 

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13 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

I honestly kind of feel bad for the dude. 


Seems like giving a shit about this band and it's efforts over the years have really not gotten anyone anywhere. I get both sides, and protecting material as an artist, but let's face it - Axl Rose is a fat piece of shit. He has done everything he could over decades to vilify himself. It's impossible to ever feel bad for him. He's had opportunity after opportunity, second chance after second chance to do right by the fans, and has failed at every opportunity. Understanding he wants to uphold that "rockstar" persona; if that's the case, maybe fatboy should lose the tits and the triple chin. The badboy act doesn't work when you look like Mama Fratelli. 

This band is just a sad fucking existence, an absolute joke with the punchline being this recent reunion, which is the most forced, sham cash grab I have ever seen in my life. 

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4 minutes ago, popcorn's snare said:

How hard is it for him to wear a disguise and get in?


I mean, how closely do they check ID? 


He'll be able to get in again, unless Axl has implemented face recognition tech to weed out the Slash Izzy supporters.

Exactly what I'm wondering. I've never been at a concert where they checked ID except for with alcohol sales. What are they doing, IDing at the gates to keep one fucking guy out? Never understood how a lifetime ban at an arena or a stadium works. I have never been in that position, but how are they going to keep you out in crowds of 15,000+? 

Common sense says if you really want to get in, alter your appearance a bit. Grow a beard, change your hair, don't dress like a complete fanboy and try to blend in a bit more. 

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3 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

problem is he's RICK FUCKIN DUNSFORD

he has to go vip and post on instagram that he's at the show

otherwise what's the point? he's already been to thirty-fucking-two of them

Well fucknugget needs to lay low if he wants to get in, maybe ditch the GNR shorts, and the fucking getup and just blend in. It's not that hard. 

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Rick dunsford logic:


”I’m going to teach axl and Fernando not to mess with me, I’m going to spend $3,000 on plastic surgery to alter my facial features, go to a mans hair salon ( and not a binary one) and have a male haircut and then spend $hundredssss of dollars attending every gnr show in the future.


that will teach them for banning me, I’m going to continue to line the fat fucks pockets!

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