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Stereo fidgeting again. Whatever...   However, the first chorus was diced by some asshat at about 1:34. Problem area is about one second in length. Outro chorus still intact, and can be

Meanwhile, in Orlando  

I did fix it. You think I'd hear something like that and not repair it? 😁 If I got Rick-rolled and there was a skip in the roll, I'd probably download the motherfucker and correct the glitch. Ain

6 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

The full song has leaked, and it's fantastic. Probably the best of the previously-unheard songs that we've gotten (so far).


The chorus (1:20) is classic Axl. Brian May (?) sounds great on it too. Much better than Catcher or Atlas... why the fuck did we hear nothing about this track for 20 years!? It's so good!

Chorus is fantastic. Great song. I wonder how many more gems he has locked away!!!!

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Just now, Skeeter said:

This is the fucking shit I've been waiting 25 years for. Easily my favorite of all the leaks, can't wait to hear a cleaned up version of this.

CD1 - The Blues, TWAT, Catcher, Riad, Better

CD2 - Perhaps, Hard School, Atlas


That's what I'm talking about Axl.

it's like fucking christmas

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