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State of Gross

Axl: “Mommy beta, make the leaks stop!!!!!”     beta: “fernando, here’s some scissors. Now go cut the internet cable outside the house.”

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Whoa. Two leaks in one day? I think hell is getting a little chilly tonight. Listened to both, can't really make a fair assessment right now though since I have an ear infection at the moment and am out of it on medications. I can say I'd prefer any of these over some of the tracks on CD though.


Well, we got half an album worth of leaked songs now (these four as well as Going Down and Silkworms), wonder what's left? If I remember right, Quick Song and Nothing are the only ones left with something resembling vocals on the locker CDs? Well, them and Dragon, which is off of the 21st disc. Who knows what's on that. Other than those it seems like we only have instrumentals left to leak. Well, them and The General and Soul Monster (assuming Axl is being honest when he says he recorded vocals for it), and any others that may have had vocals added later but aren't on these CDs. I wouldn't count on seeing them anytime soon, but then again I wouldn't have counted on any of this either, so who knows.

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