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State of Gross

Axl: “Mommy beta, make the leaks stop!!!!!”     beta: “fernando, here’s some scissors. Now go cut the internet cable outside the house.”

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A quick guess at the lyrics:



What can I say?
Free will is blind today
The choice that you made
Is not a road that I would take
To use and betray
The simplest, powerplay
Now far away,
With tears that go unexplained, now


Oh, my love
Can it be?
Falling from your grace
With me, now...
Oh, more than ever
I still remember...


The same...
It's just a passing phase
No, more like a game
Problems of the human race
Goes right to your brain
Caught down in a hidden place
With no sense of shame
The secret's out
And you can't erase it...


Oh, my love...
Can it be?
Falling from your grace
With me...
Now, more than ever
I still remember,
Your name...


When did you think you would tell me?
How long'd you think I can wait? Oh no,
I just, I... [????]
Now don't you count on your faith now,
You'll never learn...
[????] oh,


...are killing me
You're falling from your grace, with me
Oh, my love
Aaaah, I asked for [????]
Now, more than ever
I still remember
Your naaaaaaaaame....

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