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>thinks I don't already have the F.A.T. Mafiatic Universe planned out from beginning to endgame    

Thanos and the Dark Order have come to Earth in search of the Infinity Stones, but something has gone horribly wrong.   It all started after Thanos acquired the Mind Stone and set his sights

Keeping you locked in this time loop until you lynch somebody.   (just a dr strange meme)

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Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Bruce Banner and Thor quickly arrived in Malibu to investigate the disturbance. When confronted by the God of Thunder, Fat Thanos Axl took the time to lay out his plan in monologue form. He planned to find the original members of Guns N' Roses, one by one, and use the Mind Stone to indoctrinate them into a lifetime of servitude under the Guns N' Roses banner, ensuring that the brand would maintain maximum profitability for the foreseeable future.


"B-but, sire, what about the Infinity Stones?" asked a meek Ebony Maw.

"Do not question me, Maw. I see clearly now. Eliminating half of the universe was a noble goal, but becoming one with Axl Rose has enlightened me. Men like us carry the weight of the whole world, no, the whole universe, on our shoulders. Why should I be forced to do all of the work of fixing the universe, releasing an album, doing tours and press, or anything of the sort? I am a being above the mortal plane. When I am done, Guns N' Roses will be so powerful that I will never need to perform a song again, let alone write one."


Banner had heard enough of this wicked villainry. He transformed into the Hulk and attacked Thaxl, but was quickly beaten down by the powerful villain. Hawkeye managed to land a direct hit in the abdomen with an adamantium-tipped arrow, but it was absorbed into his bulking mass painlessly. Seeing that they were outgunned, Thor regrouped the troops and retreated to Avengers HQ.




Thor and company arrived at Avengers HQ and quickly briefed the other Avengers on the situation. Fat Thanos Axl was a villain unlike any they had ever faced, motivated by pure laziness and the desire to do absolutely nothing at all. The first priority was ensuring the safety of Saul Hudson, Michael McKagan, Jeffrey Isbell and Steven Adler. If Fat Thanos Axl were to assimilate them into the Dark Order, there was no telling how strong their worldwide influence could become. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers agreed, he absolutely could not be allowed to achieve his goal, for the sake of humanity, America, and rock n' roll.





If you have never played mafia before, READ THIS!!!



-If you are town, your goal is to figure out who is mafia and vote them off. Once the mafia is eliminated, you win. Town members may not communicate about the game with anyone outside the thread unless their role specifies. Some town members may have special powers that they can use in game.

-If you are mafia, your goal is to figure out who the GNR members are and assimilate them. Once the mafia outnumbers or is even with the town, you win. The mafia may communicate with eachother by any means they wish.

-Independents may or may not exist with their own specific goals.

-Absolutely NO CHARACTER REVEALING, or screenshotting/quoting of PMs will be tolerated. Role (GNR member/not GNR member/power) revealing is tolerated but discouraged.

-Inactives will be purged and replaced or just modkilled.

-The early days MATTER, as the mafia is smallest at the start of the game and can quickly be defeated.

-I'm making this shit up on the fly so it might be a total gong show.

-Feel free to ragequit as long as you provide funny angry posts.

-Bold your god damn votes. If it's bold and says Vote followed by a player's name it counts as a vote.





Day 1 - 12 remain, 7 votes to lynch

@John Bonham

@Bill Brasky





@popcorn's snare





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"Fat Thanos Axl was a villain unlike any they had ever faced, motivated by pure laziness and the desire to do absolutely nothing at all"


His desire to do nothing has forced him to do something... So you know he's mad lol


6 hours ago, Damn_Smooth said:

Is anybody else's character the farthest from who they'd be? I know I wasn't chosen at random.

I don't think I was either lol

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