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Attention Team Brazil

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Well said. There is only enthusiasm for leaks because the music is not available to purchase. When people put energy into obtaining unreleased music, it's because there is not the option of paying for the stuff officially. 


The reunion tour can only go so far (literally) without any new/ish music on the horizon. Or is that the intention? Cashgrab and retire? 

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Why are all of you crying?  Duff McPunk released a masterpiece album called Tenderness and TB gave us all an overpriced, hurried, shitty AFD re-release.   Axl only wheezed 478 times during the gigs in which he reunited with Cancer and they stopped us having Izzy who would rip us off with his laziness and replaced him with Mr Masculine, Richard Nosetus.  You ingrates.

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Just now, I_Are_ess said:

Team Brazil. 

No more shitty toy cars.

No more shitty engraved plaques. 

No more shitty threatening fans.

Fans are not the enemy. 

We literally want to give the band money for music. 

No music. No money.

We have offered the money. 

Your move. 

Speak for yourself. I ain't paying for shit.

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