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GNFNR - 9th anniversary

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Came here for the leaks, stayed here for the MAFIA.


Also, my life would have been far more empty if I haven't learned about Brasky, auad and GUNNER.


For real though, I am happy I found this place. I do not post much, but I read everyday. All the best to all of you :)


Official vote: @John Bonham

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I'm a relatively new poster (female) and i like it here and if nobody minds i'll stick around. You have a cool site @John Bonham and the rest of you guys are pretty awesome too. A few cunts too.

I have a top 5 favorite posters so far which i'm sure will change in time, anyways thanks for not saying fuck off when i first joined xxx 

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Of course shout out to the leader of us deplorables JB.


This a special place. Sure a lot of us have never met. We are just words on a screen. Yet I feel I know some of you. The laughs are most certainly real. As is the feeling of just shooting the shit with your buddies.

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