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ludurigan's Duff McKagan "Punk as Fuck" Blabbermouth Dump

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SEATTLE, March 31, 2019 (P.A.F. NEWSWIRE) -- In what seems to be a deserved recognition of his punk rock core values and punk rock body of work, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and bassist of legendary Hollywood-based rock band Guns n' Roses Duff "Rose" Mckagan has just received an invitation to perform alongside legendary rock stars Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Chad Smith (Step Brothers, Elf), Taylor Hawkins (Alanis Morissette) and Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on the inaugural Peak to Sky festival, taking place in Big Sky, Montana on July 6th.


The musicians will create a special day for their fans.


The show will be set under the backdrop of 11,166-foot Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana.


It has not been reported if Duff "Rose" Mckagan will perform the songs Tenderness and So Fine on the occasion.









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Hey Ludicrous it's mYstery, no i. 

Hey fellas, how do you do!


Trying to come up with a variation of the "Punk as Fuck" thing...


Say, for whatever reason, you married a Duff-fanatic-maniac, and now you can only make love to her/him while listening to "Tenderness" for the rest of your life. 


What do you do and why?


My pick is to sing "So Fine" every morning softly into her ears to convince her to allow more punk-as-fuck songs into our love-making soundtrack


And you????

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I was ecstatic this morning when I read a tweet by legendary Guns n' Roses partner Duff "Rose" Mckagan saying that T-SHIRTS ARE BACK!





So I asked my boss at Mcdonald's for some advance money and as I got home went straight to DuffOnline.com



My plan was to buy 19 units (I have 19 friends) of the legendary "Punk as Fuck" t-shirt



But I couldn't find any units available



Are they sold out?



Maybe Darren Arthur "Dizzy" Reed took advantage of his advance global contract money to buy the entire stock?

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