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ludurigan's Slash / Blabbermouth thread dump

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Slash is bald

I've only just realized that Slash is an anagram of my name!!!!  How cool!  

Slash makes a point in playing every song from all of the three SMKC albums live   "It's the coolest thing Slash is bold in that way", says Todd Kerns   Starts at 9m40s  

13 hours ago, ludurigan said:

yeah first time i noticed was in rio 1991 when those giant wind fans threw his hair around in the air


does brent fitz wear a wig like marky ramone?


would slash guitar solo fit in this beatles song?


is slash a beatles guy?



Serously, everyone who wears that hat the guy in the middle is wearing should be shot to death. The 60s are over my friend, please move on. 

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RUMOUR: Unconfirmed reports are popping up on various rock n' roll websites about line up changes in the solo band of Guns n' Roses founder, owner, partner, lead guitar player, hard rock icon, legendary guitar hero Slash.


Users "PaulHuge" and "IndyBill" from MyForumMyRules.com are claiming that Slash fired multi-talented vocalist Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Barbra Streisand Jam Band) and fellow band members Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz when they refused to rehearse and perform the track "Back off Bitch".


The altercation supposedly happened three days ago when the band was performing a soundcheck in Milano, Italy.


According to the rumours, singer Myles claimed that "he didn't feel at ease singing the lyrics to the song", specially the lines "It's time to burn, burn the witch".


IndyBill wrote:


- "Slash loves Myles but he really flipped when the singer said that 'this is offensive old men's music, I can't sing this!'


When the other members showed support to Myles, Slash supposedly fired them right on the spot"


PaulHuge added:


- Slash said that "it's about time" and that all things considered he would go and look for "real dangerous" rock n' rollers. "Guess I am gonna have to bring Lemmy back, this that and the other, huh? You are all fucking pussies! I am gonna get some older, bolder guys for my band!".


IndyBill claims that Slash's new band apparently will be re-named to "Slash and the Old Fucks"      


And just three hours ago, in a shocking development to this rumour, IndyBill posted a photo that supposedly leaked from the very first photo session for the new Slash band


In this photo Slash appears side by side with his supposed, unconfirmed, unverified new "bandmates"


Left to Right: Joe "The Crow" Crowley, Slash, Mike "Baldie" Clink and Bob "GoodBoy" Goodlatte





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Perla Hudson, the former wife of hard rock icon, Guns N’ Roses guitarist, partner Slash is selling off exotic and erotic items from their 14 years of marriage, including a bronze and leather spanking bench





Other items include a "Drunk Fux" black leather motorcycle hand painted jacket and a MTV Music Video Award Moonman trophy, presented in 1987-1988 to Slash for Best New Artist in a Video for Guns N' Roses




















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