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ludurigan's Slash / Blabbermouth thread dump

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Slash is bald

I've only just realized that Slash is an anagram of my name!!!!  How cool!  

Slash makes a point in playing every song from all of the three SMKC albums live   "It's the coolest thing Slash is bold in that way", says Todd Kerns   Starts at 9m40s  

54 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

Did Slash think Axl was too white to do anything with that riff? I bet you Axl resented him for giving that riff to Lenny. 

i bet axl was the one who left the room when slash showed him that riff


izzy must have said "hey! hey! come back ax! that one is good!"


to no avail

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One man chooses which of Slash's riffs and ideas will become songs for the "Slash and the Conspirators" albums






Listen to Brent Fitz on the video below.


Brent talks about how Myles needs to "vibe" before deciding if a Slash's idea will become a song. Or not.


Starts at 11:53, when he answers a bit about how Myles writes all the lyrics etc. Then he drops the bomb. Just click play




- Slash is generally the nucleus of where it starts. And then Todd Kerns and I as the rhythm section sorta building a little bit of something around it. We let Myles sit with it. 'Hey is this cool? Do you like this? Can you work on some melody stuff with it?'. And some stuff kinda goes, he (Myles) goes: 'Ahhh, wasn't really vibing on that'. If he vibes on it, which is usually the case, he always comes with something great".



So Myles is the gatekeeper?


The curator?


The one who decides which Slash idea is good or not?


That explains a lot







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36 minutes ago, maynard said:

Well, with GNR Axl will present ideas and Duff and Slash will choose those they like. So it's only fair that with Conspirators he lets Myles do it for him.

i am afraid that it does not work like that in axl's band


i am told that the man with a vision always has the last say

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1 hour ago, TeeJay410 said:

I'm not sure which reality would be more upsetting, the one where Myles Kennedy forces Slash to play unspeakably boring Dad rock, or the one where Slash chooses to do so.

good point


i suppose nothing remotely exciting musically will ever come out of Myles Kennedy


you can't win with that guy

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