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Axl Rose Adult Coloring Book: You can create your own version of Guns n' Roses Lead Singer, Hard Rock Icon and Talented Rebel

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Axl Rose Adult Coloring Book?


This immediately reminded me of the brilliant verses of  "I Ain't Going Down"


Oooh I can see your true colors

I see red


I can testify that those verses are sung with a lot of conviction and gusto and character by Guns n' Roses Lead Singer, Hard Rock Icon and Talented Rebel W. Axl Rose


That made me go straight to youtube in order to have some eargasms with said Guns n' Roses song


But i couldn't find it






Then I went back to the Amazon page to read the book summary of the Axl Rose Adult Coloring Book and noticed that the first line says that "This is work of creative art and satire (17 U.S. Code § 107)"




So I am wondering if I should file this post on the "Don't-Let-Axl-Lawyers-Know-About-This" dept


Talking about lawyers, it reminded me of the live version of You Could Be Mine in Rio 1991, when Axl just sang half of the lines on that absolutely brilliant "Don't-forget-to-call-my-lawyers" crescendo part


Axl never sung it like that again


And it is still on youtube




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