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JB - He Really Is The Man

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How about we all show a little love and support for our fearless owner? Share what you like and appreciate about him.

Dude runs this forum for free. Gives people 100 times more leeway than any other GnR forum owner. He pretty much lets people post whatever they want.

For some reason, a lot of people have been really negative lately. People have been spamming the forum with pictures of bleeding anuses, lots of arguing and fighting, and just general fuckery. 


Just a friendl reminder....spamming or hating on a member or trolling, that shit doesn't have any effect on normal posters. Most of us just laugh it off. But you know who it DOES effect??? JB, because he is the one who has to deal with "reports." He is the one who has to deal with people arguing/fighting as he has to go back and read all the posts and see who is out of line and who wasn't. JB is the one who has to go delete trolling pictures and posts. 


JB is the one you are fucking.


JB is a frigging saint compared to guys like Downs, Russ and Jarmo.  Just out of respect for JB we all should chill out a bit. 


THANK YOU JB for all that you do. This forum wouldn't be what it is without your leadership.


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3 minutes ago, magisme said:



Don't blame OP too much, guys. He's an autistic faggot who doesn't understand that we all see this for what it is -- an unlikable poster making a pathetic attempt to brown nose JB.


We all love JB. We don't love faggot OP with autistic faggot motives.


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2 hours ago, magisme said:

inb4 autistic faggot wall of text with things like....


"LMFAO! Guys, can't you tell I'm not eternally assblasted since I capitalized "LMFAO"? Let me say it again to prove that I'm not objectively crying oceans of tears. LMFAO! You guys believe me, right? Let me write a wall of text now to further prove just how relaxed I am."


He actually thinks people buy it.

Could you cry any more?

Sorry I hurt the poor little baby’s feelings. 

I’ve turned Mags into Broski. Sorry forum. 

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1 hour ago, GUNNER said:

Why are you bashing Skeeter? He's just being nice to JB and he totally deserves it.

Don’t worry Gunner. Most people appreciate JB and all the work and effort he has done to keep this forum running. For no money. And very little recognition. Guy puts up with a lot of crap and does it without complaint. 


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1 minute ago, magisme said:

"You didn't hurt my feelings, I hurt your feelings!" :lol:


Many autists don't mature much past a young age, so excuse him for the elementary school tier banter.

How in the world do you figure that? I thought we were “friends” on here until the last couple days when you’ve made numerous insult filled posts. 

Please fill me so I will at least know what I am supposedly mad about. 

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2 minutes ago, magisme said:

Notice how self-conscious he is about walls of text now. :lol:


"Guys, I made multiple status updates about it and I interrupted a game repeatedly just to show how even tempered I am."


Endless supply of autistic irony.

Status update took 15 seconds. And it was in response to people talking about me first.  


Lol. Making two posts in a mafia game is repeatly interrupting? You and popcorn were talking about me in a game I wasn’t even playing in. Don’t talk about me and I won’t respond. Pretty simple. Sounds like you take mafia pretty seriously. Hope my response to your post didn’t screw up the game too much. 


Self-conscious about walls of text? It’s 9 AM. I haven’t even gotten out of bed or eaten breakfast yet.

I see what you are doing. If I make a long post then you will insult. If I make a short post then you use that as in insult. Good technique to show how “angry” I am and how calm and collected you are. 


I am still not exactly sure why you are so angry. Pile it on though. The more insults you throw at me will clearly show how angry I am. 


Have a fantastic day. 

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9 minutes ago, magisme said:

Meanwhile, GUNNER is so predictably triggered about mafia that he's joining forces with Skeeter.


It's all so tiresomely transparent when you're dealing with brainlets.


I follow no one.

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