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Simpsons Mafia 2. The Return To Springfield. GAME THREAD

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1.GnrLiars - Lynched day 3 . Town - Lenny - Power of Jive Talker with Hotdogman 


2.KFC Bucket - Night Kill Night 5 - Town - Herman Hermanns


3.Arnold Layne - Lynched Day 5 - Mafia Boss - Fat Tony - Double Vote Power


4.Damn Smooth - Mod Killed day 2 - Town - Barney Gumble 


5. Wasted- Scratchy - Mafia lone wolf


6. Gunner - Lynched Day 1 - Town - Bumble Man - Power of The Gunner


7. Bonharmbe - Lynched  Day 3 - Hans Moleman - Doctor


8. Magisme - Itchy - Mafia Sucide Bomber 


9. Facekicker - Night Killed Night 4 - Mcbain - Double Vote Power


10. Hotdogman - Carl - Town Jive Talker with GNR Liars 


11. Major Mayhem - Ralph Wiggum - Town


12. Popcorn’s Snare- Lionel Hutz - Town Lawyer


13. GNS - Duff Man - Town 




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GNS can you explain why you came out of nowhere to vote Popcorn and Mayhem then disappeared, but now you are under suspicion you are here?   You seem to be desperate, saying anything to save

Bumblebee Man was a great pick for Gunner

Kind of like your band, Axl.  

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 2:35 PM, GUNNER said:

Before someone say Im acting suspicious:


This game Im not going to make partnerships.


Im going to vote in alphabetical order.


So now you know.





3.Arnold Layne 

7. Bonharmbe

4.Damn Smooth

9. Facekicker


13. GNS

6. Gunner

10. Hotdogman

2.KFC Bucket

8. Magisme 

11. Major Mayhem 

12. Popcorn’s Snare

5. Wasted

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