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"[Guns n' Roses] were simply too big to open for [Iron] Maiden [in 1988]", says L.A. GUNS vocalist Phil Lewis

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L.A. GUNS vocalist Phil Lewis was asked about how it was for L.A. Guns to replace GN'R in 1988 as the opening band for Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Tour in North America. He said this:


Phil: "At that stage, [they] were simply too big to open for MAIDEN. I don't know what excuse they came up with, but they weren't doing it, so we got asked. It always an honor to open for Steve [Harris] and the guys. It was a challenge, because we did Irvine and we did Santa Fe, New Mexico, and weren't quite as well received [there]. They just announced it right before we went on stage — 'GUNS N' ROSES can't make it, but we've got L.A. GUNS.' It was like, [groans]. We definitely had our work cut out for us."





source: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/l-a-guns-vocalist-phil-lewis-on-tracii-guns-maybe-we-had-to-go-our-separate-ways-to-grow-up-a-bit/


full interview:



below some footage of GN'R's second show opening for Iron Maiden in Halifax, Canada, on May 14th, 1988


not sure about you but i don't remember ever hearing an opening band get such a response from the crowd...






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