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Completing my review of the show on 03/16 in São Paulo ...
the complete video show with good quality audio:



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On 3/19/2019 at 11:28 AM, auad said:

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Saxon live in São Paulo. 03/16/2019 - Concert Review




One night I'll never forget. I have to start this way this review.

For many, many years I really like the band, but only last week I had the opportunity to be in a Saxon show.
What a privilege and joy!


The guys, more than have written the history of Heavy Metal ... Saxon IS the heavy metal. They have inspired many classic bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Megadeth, etc.

It was a birthday present I gave to myself (March 13). I bought the tickets many months ago and was looking forward to the show.

The band, which celebrates 40 years of history, performs on stage as young men of 30 years. What a spectacular performance! They deliver as if it were the last show of life.


My wife and I are still ecstatic about what we witness.

As they had performed in São Paulo 10 months ago, we imagined it would be a show with an average audience and that it would be comfortable to watch the show ... Cheating ours! The place (Tropical Butantã) was completely crowded, being difficult to move and get close to the stage.




Our excitement reached its peak when we realized the show would start. We know we would be in front of legends.

Indispensable the senator, when the 05:05 pm the tour intro sounded in the PAs, and the band entered the stage. They began detonating with "Thunderbolt," title track of their latest album. Contagious to see the stage performance of the icons! in the sequence, they played "Sacrifice", more recent song. The public went mad! And they played their various hymns, which was what most people wanted, of course ... "Wheels Of Steel", "Strong Arm Of The Law", "Denim And Leather". Saxon's catalog is very rich, and they can afford to play those three classics right at the beginning of the show!

They followed with "Battering Ram", and in the sequence, they honored their first album (of 1979), with "Rainbow Theme / Frozen Rainbow".

Biff Byford's voice is impeccable and clear. what a front-man! friendly, full of will and energy, communicating much with the public. Remarkable to see a band playing with that enthusiasm after so much time of career. Saxon was having so much fun when the audience, if not more ...


An interesting fact that happened in this show ... a guy managed to take the stage and face Biff! what a privilege. He even won Biff's hug and kiss.

Watching Saxon live is an impressive experience. it's a wall of sound! Outstanding guitar work by Paul Quinn and Doug Scarrett. Nibbs Carter (bass) stood out all the time, kept moving, and was extremely enthusiastic. And we're talking about guys with 40 or more years of career. This formation has been together since 1995.

Following they played "Power And The Glory" and "Dogs Of War".

When they played "Cross Ride Like The Wind", Christopher Cross's cover, the audience was definitely in the mood! What moment!

More and more classic! "747 (Strangers In The Night)", "And The Bands Played On", "To Hell And Back Again" and "Dallas 1 PM".

It really was an honor to be there, without exaggeration. I can tell that I have seen living legends. My first Saxon show, and when they come back, I will go again! It's comforting to know that there are still bands like that.

Thank you Saxon, from the heart!



01. Thunderbolt
02. Sacrifice
03. Wheels Of Steel
04. Strong Arm Of The Law
05. Denim And Leather
06. Battering Ram
07. Rainbow Theme / Frozen Rainbow
08. Backs To The Wall
09. They Played Rock And Roll
10. Power And The Glory
11. Dogs Of War
12. Solid Ball Of Rock
13. Ride Like The Wind (Christopher Cross cover)
14. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
15. And The Bands Played On
16. To Hell And Back Again
17. Dallas 1 PM
18. Crusader

19. Heavy Metal Thunder
20. Never Surrender
21. Motorcycle Man
22. Princess Of The Night




Great set!

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