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Guest thomas meadow

i hate being the new guy at work

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Guest thomasmeadow

so yea , last month i started work at my new base and i'm kinda getting pissed.

like i hate fucking being the "new guy" because i keep getting pissed on since i'm new.

For starters, for the people that don't know, im a cop in the AF. Even though my year in iraq helped my over all career in the air force, not doing cop work that whole year or the time at my 1st base (only a little cop work i did there) and only doing security detail on my 1st deployment makes me look like a asshole when i dont know something.

and on top of that the dude training me is a fat sack of shit that i want to knock out. like i had to lose 30 pounds to get in shape, this dude doesnt even try.

also he thinks he is a super cop. like no joke, he almost fliped the car over on chasing another car just so he could give them a ticket for 5mph over the speed limet. i mean really?

and i hate being cop, like i'm gonna write some one a ticket for 5 over, jesus, i usally go 10 over my self.

and i went to do a report on a shoplifting andi felt bad for the kid that shoplifted, but that fat sack of shit thinks he is a bad ass because he made the mom cry...

also, he gets pissed when i talk about my Iraq stories, so thats what i usally talk about. he trys to hit on this one girl we work with, and he'll tell a story about how he ran after a kid or wrote a parking ticket and i'll be a dickhead and say " oh yea? that reminds me of the time I was in IRAQ and did a walking portal just south of Baghdad."

then he'll get all mad because because he can't 1up me and be like "we gotta go now!"

also, he makes fun of people that work out , and when i was telling someone that i usally run for a hour he was like "OH THATS COOL" being all asshole about it.

just thought i would share. of and that chic he hits on, shes married butim pretty sure she wants my nuts.

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Thom, you're always trying to get with the married chicks. How are you enjoying Seattle/Tacoma at this point? Have you made it to the Hendrix museum yet?

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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations went to Vancouver, BC the other night. It was a great show. I have to check out that city soon.

Just bought his newest book, Medium Raw, and I enjoyed it for the most part. His takes on the upper-end food industry and his vitriol hate for the Food Channel get a little convoluted at times, mostly because I can't be bothered with half the people he name drops or refers too. However his personality is entertaining and I read through it pretty quick. If you're interested in it, PM me, and I'll send it to you.

TM, does this dipshit take immense pride in pulling over officers and high end brass? I knew a shitbag MP-infantry convert and that's all he could talk about after the fact that our unit stuck him in the motor pool during his entire tour of Iraq.

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