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2019 not shaping up to be a good year for Michael Jackson

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Just finished the whole thing.  Made me feel gross.  It seems like the majority of people online think these guys are liars, but man, that's pretty dedicated to go on TV and lie about Michael Jackson tongueing your 7 year old asshole.  I sure as hell couldn't do that.


MJ has always seemed like he did it though....there's enough evidence for sure that he had sleepovers with little boys, so yeah...pretty damning.  And pedo or not, nobody can deny what a repulsive freakshow the man was the last 15 or so years of his life.  Just revolting to look at his fucked up face.

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I wasn't aware things could get any worse than being dead.   Care to elaborate?

Not surprised murderer Slash was friends with this monster. I'm glad Axl is a mentally stable grown man.

Yeah.   Just finished the whole thing.  Made me feel gross.  It seems like the majority of people online think these guys are liars, but man, that's pretty dedicated to go on TV and lie abou

11 hours ago, Skeeter said:

Who is Salsh?

Do you mean Slash? Were him and MJ buddies? I thought Slash just played on a song with him?

They had an ongoing relationship.

Slash plays guitar on at least 5 Michael Jackson tracks, they played together on awards shows in 1995 and 2001, and on the Dangerous tour, and the Michael Jackson and Friends tour.

Slash even plays on the track "D.S." which is a song Michael wrote about prosecutor Thomas Sneddon

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Like most Americans, I lost interest in his music when he showed up for "Bad" and he was suddenly a white guy.


I think the last song I ever enjoyed that he did was "Black or White" and he already looked like a freak show then.


By the time he was first publicly accused of diddling kids, all I could think was what a disgusting creep show he'd become.   I think most people in the States anyway felt that way from the early 90s until his death, upon which he magically became "one of the greatest entertainers of all time" again.


Jesus look at his face towards the end.   He was a goddamned ghoul.

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Michael Jackson fans—one might call them “truthers”—who maintain the pop star’s innocence in all accusations of child sexual abuse and notoriously organize themselves against anyone who questions it.


Specifically in relation to Leaving Neverland, Jackson’s supporters are quick to point out that Robson testified during both investigations that Jackson had never abused him, with his testimony in 2005 considered key to the singer’s exoneration. Safechuck testified in support of Jackson in 1993, but refused to do so again in 2005. Since coming forward as alleged victims, both have sued the Jackson estate, though the suits were initially thrown out because of the statute of limitations (they are currently on appeal).


Jackson supporters seize on those points and other evidence to argue that not only are Safechuck and Robson lying and only out for money, but that all accusations are false. They have flooded social media, aggressively spamming anyone who writes or tweets about Leaving Neverland with hundreds of angry, often hysterical messages.

Sometimes these messages have links to “proof” of Jackson’s innocence: Twitter threads, documents, or videos marked up and annotated in a conspiracy theorist aesthetic. Sometimes these messages contain vicious insults and even death threats. Mostly, they’re just obstinate: “Nope, not true.” And there are so many of them.

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2 hours ago, Miser said:

I think MJ was innocent. Kinda odd they only wait until he's bene dead for 10 years and the he height of the "metoo" era to cash in with a documentary.

The documentary is beside the point Miser. He has been accused for years even when he was alive.

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16 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

Watch the doc.


"Wade Robson, a witness for Jackson in the 2005 child abuse trial in which the singer was acquitted, now claims (in the documentary) that he lied under oath and that after two “nervous breakdowns” and the birth of his child, he decided to open up to his therapist." A bit sketchy. So we're gonna accept the word of a guy who engaged in perjury?

And the other guy was a drug addict by his own admission.

I'm not saying MJ wasn't a weirdo, or that he didn't probably do weird shit. Hanging out with kids and having sleepovers with them is WILDLY inappropriate. I just don't think these two particular individuals are telling the truth. I think they're just using this era - in which an accusation is the same as guilt - to basically destroy the reputation of someone who can't defend themselves cause they're dead - for profit. You can cry on camera all you want if you're being paid several hundred grand or more to say that you sucked MJ's cock.

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