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Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

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13 hours ago, popcorn's snare said:

Yeah you pretend to be "jokey", then you stalk people.  Lost a lot of respect for you as a human being.  


Gunner was an interesting character. He wrote some of the most head-scratching things I ever read in message boards.So many "YOU CANT BE FUCKING SERIOUS" moments from that guy. I wanted to know if this was all an act or if he was truly like that. He directed me to his forum himself and since we speak the same language, I could read more from him. He had thousands and thousands of posts there. Read some of it.


Then the magazine thing came up which made me even more interested I admit. It was hilarious for a while. For every troll post he made I could pull the lawsuit card and he would get mad as hell lol.


I can assure you he exaggerated a lot regarding the level exposure I was responsible for. And you would be surprised by the dozens of people who were "on his side" and "lost respect for me" as well who asked for a PM with the details of the whole lawsuit thing. 


Was I an asshole? No arguing there.

Did I deserve my ban? Guess so, it was annoying in the end.

Did I break any rules? Nope.

Do you care? See above


As for losing respect, I've seen you write things so low, so degrading to posters here before it made me lose respect for you too. I recall you apologized for some things later on and that was cool.


I'm sorry too.



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On 2/14/2019 at 5:40 PM, Miser said:







So I was wondering

does anyone know what t shirt Axl is wearing here

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