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John Bonham

The Illuminati - DAY TWO

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13 hours ago, Facekicker said:

Au contraire mon frere, au contraire. 


I was far from "mute" - as the events occurred during the night/early morning for me I had to catch up on what had happened and then made a very decisive vote on Gunner without hesitation. The same Gunner who was Mafia. 


You on the other hand went straight for Wasted's throat all the while defending Gunner's "logic" 


Now you come out with this revisionist nonsense to frame me and also Magisme (the very first to vote Gunner)


This guy eh? What a fucking chancer





I have re-read the last moments of day one and have to admit I was quite unfair in my judgement regarding the PM events when it comes to @Facekicker. And he refers to Poirot. Therefore he is safe from my vote for now.


This brings me to closer to voting @Major Mayhem (but he seems to be the only who admits that he doubted Wasted on day one and so did I). Have to check @GnRLiars modus operandi, because I feel it is a decision between these two.

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The human race is divided into two distinct genotypes—

neophobes, who reject new ideas and accept only what they have known all their lives,

and neophiles, who love new things, change, invention, innovation

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"Are the Illuminati trying to hold back progress?"

"Is that their general aim?"


"You're still thinking like a liberal. Nobody gives a fuck for progress"


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