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John Bonham

Long piece chronicling the history and future of Chinese Democracy

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Just now, Ragnar said:

Why should anyone throw in TSI ? it`s a cover album for fucks sake :lol:. Keep quiet, Wasted.

Spaghetti Incident is more relevant than Coda. Most GNR albums are Slash coverimg Izzy and Axl songs. 

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43 minutes ago, wasted said:

Yeah I think so. 


If you add Shadow of your Love it’s 65. 


I’m throwing Coda out the window. At least two of the songs are re-records and there’s a drum solo



So Zepp are down to 79. 


That’s more like 20%?


So a 14 track cd from GNR is all I need to win this thread. 



I will not let you win this counting contest.


I'm throwing out UYI II. Get In The Ring, Shotgun Blues, KOHD, So Fine, and My World are on there.


GNR down to 50 songs, and I'm generously allowing CD to stand even though it doesn't really count.

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