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The day Axl had dinner with the entire team (RIR 91 story)

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Hello guys. Good Tuesday for all of you ..

I've known a story about Axl for years, and I decided to risk sharing it with you. Why? because it shows a more human side of the red panda, shows that sometimes he descends from the pedestal and joins the mere mortals.

Remembering that English is not my first language, considering that, I did my best to transcribe the article to you.

So ... here it is:



AXL ROSE is one of those guys who would easily be the protagonist of a bipolar story taken to extremes: on bad days, detonating dressing rooms, missing shows and dismissing the entire band; on good days he is capable of acts of unbelievable simplicity. After almost not attending the then biggest show of his career during Rock In Rio II, AXL left the pedestal and joined the crowd, according to this passage from the book "Rock In Rio - The History of the Greatest Music Festival Of the World " by LUIZ FELIPE CARNEIRO.


"After the show, the band left, except for AXL, he was not forgotten again, he stayed to take a shower in the dressing room because he just wanted to leave the Maracanã after he was clean." AMIN KHADER asked the singer if the singer I would like the large amount of pasta ordered by him before the show to be sent to the hotel so he could have dinner with the band's production team. "How many people do you have on your team?" AXL asked. you can call them all to dine with me backstage here, "said the singer.Without believing what he had just heard, AMIN prepared an immense table in the dining room, watered the pasta and the best red wine available at that time. , no wait, no one was out of dinner.At a moment, ROBERTO MEDINA appeared at the door of the cafeteria and, without understanding anything, shot a disapproving look at AMIN, who quickly stood up and invited the chief to an unusual meeting: 'Roberto Medina, would you like to sit down with us for dinner with AXL ROSE? `. When the manager saw who was sitting at the head of the table, he almost fell back. "








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