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Do you use tobacco products?

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Are you addicted to tobacco?  Almost all my friends are.  I worry about their long term health.  Leonard Nimoy smoked for decades, quit, and still ended up with COPD years later.  I used to smoke Marlboro Ultra Lights (diet cigarettes) in high school and first two years of college.  I loved catching a buzz on the way to school while listening to music.  I smoked about 4 or 5 a day.  Quit when I was 20.  I still partake occasionally, but we're talkin like literally 2 or 3 cigarettes a year.  


Quitting was tough, even with my low intake.  My sex drive went through the roof.  I used to work at a nice restaurant with all kinds of hotties, and when I was trying to quit, I got a hard-on just looking at a girl's ass.  That was the hardest part- random boners.  I had to resort to wearing spandex bicycle shorts under my pants.  You can make fun.  That was what was so insidious about it.  My mind told me I needed a cigarette before work so I wouldn't pop wood.  And for a while, I had to have one before a shift.  Anyway, these days I don't mind being around cigarette smoke.  However, when all my friends are in a room smoking away, it gives me like the most annoying headache the next day.  Which is weird.  


Do you smoke or vape or dip?  I'd love to hear whatever bullshit you'd like to share about one of America's great contributions to the world- tobacco.

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