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good idea, i made a fat axl post once and 3 minutes later got a phone call from a brazilian area code with nothing but heavy breathing sounds

If the mob calls for him to be canceled, he will be canceled.   That is how it is and will be from now on. The left is on a fucking canceling mission right now. Anything they disagree with i

The return of Alex Jones. Nearly 5 hours.    

I know I'm Captain Obvious, but what the fuck was up with Adam Curry's blinking shit?  I get it, it's a tick.  But he didn't use to tourrette blink back in his VJ days.  Is someone here a medical expert?  Can you enlighten me? 


I'm embarrassed I even know who Adam Curry was, but hey when you're 8 years old, he seemed like a pretty cool dude. 

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53 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

What if Joe replaced Biden with Alex Jones for the proposed debate? A podcast with Joe, Alex, and Don would break the space-time continuum. I would take that over five new GNR albums.

Yeah same for me. I way more excited for AJ on JRE than I would ever be to a new half-assed GNR album

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