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Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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good idea, i made a fat axl post once and 3 minutes later got a phone call from a brazilian area code with nothing but heavy breathing sounds

I don't get your dislike for him.    He's not a journalist and doesn't claim to be. Guests on his podcast have more freedom than on any other popular platform in the US.    Of all

If the mob calls for him to be canceled, he will be canceled.   That is how it is and will be from now on. The left is on a fucking canceling mission right now. Anything they disagree with i

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I know I'm Captain Obvious, but what the fuck was up with Adam Curry's blinking shit?  I get it, it's a tick.  But he didn't use to tourrette blink back in his VJ days.  Is someone here a medical expert?  Can you enlighten me? 


I'm embarrassed I even know who Adam Curry was, but hey when you're 8 years old, he seemed like a pretty cool dude. 

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53 minutes ago, Donald Trump said:

What if Joe replaced Biden with Alex Jones for the proposed debate? A podcast with Joe, Alex, and Don would break the space-time continuum. I would take that over five new GNR albums.

Yeah same for me. I way more excited for AJ on JRE than I would ever be to a new half-assed GNR album

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I finally listened to the Alex Jones Returns!. It 4 hours so I played it at 1.75x speed so he sounded like he was on meth. It was okay, Eddie Bravo kind of made it silly, and I think Alex got pressure to be funny instead of crazy at that point which kind of ruined it. I wish he was more crazy.


I've downloaded a bunch of podcasts. I hope I have time to get more before they are taken down by JRE or walker.

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On 1/28/2019 at 12:58 AM, wasted said:

I listened to the Mike Baker ep. 


I agreed with most of what he says. With the wars he’s a little removed from the cost in terms of 

lives or the money. Obviously he’s not thinking in terms of economics, not that I know about that. 3 trillion a year is a chunk of change just achieve nothing but Dust N Bones. He doesn’t really get into regime change in Iraq, Syria. We’re just there to help right. 


Pelosi has 200 mil stolen off Americans, she has a wall around her house. She doesn’t throw immigrants a few mil? She flys first class everywhere. This is why Trump won. Why go die in Syria so Nancy can live a hell of a life. 



she's got to be the worst of the worst

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