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good idea, i made a fat axl post once and 3 minutes later got a phone call from a brazilian area code with nothing but heavy breathing sounds

The return of Alex Jones. Nearly 5 hours.    

In other news (and for the triple post)     We are having a watch party on discord for anyone who wants to join. Should be fun.

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5 hours ago, Facekicker said:

There's loads that have nothing to do with MMA 

I generally listen to those. Or I did but sometimes his motivated alpha dog thing makes me feel bad so I have to slack off extra hard to recover and that’s a lot work in itself. 

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4 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

Joe's recent episode with former CIA spook Mike Baker was good.

I’ll check it out. Have you read Family of Secrets by Russ Baker?


Reading is a bit much but here’s Baker covering most of the book on a podcast


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I listened to the Mike Tyson one but I found it really hard to get through, both because of Tyson's debilitating speech impediment, and also the condescending way Joe and Tom spoke down to Mike like he's a retarded kid.  Which for all I know, he might have that level of intelligence, but it just rubbed me the wrong way to hear them kissing his ass so gently and telling him "no no, you never did anything wrong, you had a hard life" and shit like that for 90 minutes.


I'm gonna listen to that CIA guy one next.   I also recommend the Jonathan Haidt episode from a week or two ago....pretty good stuff.

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Great interview with Mike. If it was 10 years later Joe would on NBC. 


But they definitely touched on what confuses me about Rogan. He does DMT or halluncigems and after establishing we are one and part of this infinite organic universe, his next move is to hit te gym or watch some guys get naked and wrestle! We have the answer! Living a long life of the naked men lifestyle to the full!!!

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