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GNFNR Exclusive: Rose Breaks Silence

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"I'm sure we'll be back... We all want to do the best we can for the fans - they come wanting a big performance and that is what we want to give them.

"We all push each other to go further in terms of our performance and commitment. It doesn't matter how many performances you do, every crowd is different and you feed off that."

Rose also said:

"We've toured the world a few times over, but there are always places where we still haven't performed. We played Iceland for the first time this year and we're playing Hawaii for the first time this December - there are always places to go."

During the rest of the conversation, Axl discussed his love of New York, saying:

"New York will always be special for me. When we were in LA, we were playing the Hollywood club scene, but New York is where we wanted to be. We have done so many performances there over the years - the city holds a lot of memories."

Last month, bassist Duff McKagan was asked by SiriusXM about a new album from Guns N' Roses, to which he replied:

"Working on a lot of new music on a lot of different fronts. That band is clicking so well, it's the best it's ever been, and it's the funnest it's ever been.

"That stuff doesn't really happen, and it happened to us. It's just one of those things that happened in my life that was great, it happened for all of us, and new music would be a logical thing. We'll see."

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Axl breaks silence to say nothing.


Except, maybe, to make it clear that they'll keep touring... there are lots of place they didnt tour yet. 


Angola, Mozambique, Mongolia, Andorra: Chinese Democracy Starts NOW.

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