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Do you think Axl could make a better horror movie than Slash?

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Inspired by his love of the horror film genre, Slash drew upon his creative artistic side, and founded a production company called "Slasher Films", which produced the movie Nothing Left to Fear in 2013.  Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the movie turned out to be a catastrophic dud.  


From Wikipedia:


Critical reception for Nothing Left to Fear has been overwhelmingly negative, and the film currently holds a rating of 12 on Metacritic based upon reviews by 7 critics indicating "overwhelming dislike." Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are also negative; as of December 15, 2013, the film holds a rating of 8% "rotten" based upon 12 reviews. Critics panned the film as "dull" and criticized it for its lack of scares. Los Angeles Times remarked that "director Anthony Leonardi III and writer Jonathan Mills have let not one scary moment on screen" and that actors Heche and Tupper should write apology notes to their fans. In their review, The Hollywood Reporter joked on the film's title, saying that the "title of this perfunctory horror film proves all too prophetic." Variety also gave a negative review and commented that the film "features fewer small-town scares than a rerun of Dawson’s Creek and more wooden acting than a marionette theater".




If Axl were to produce a horror movie, do you think he would do a good job?  Would his film be scarier and/or better?  Or do you think Axl would give it the Chinese Democracy treatment, and overproduce it, have 20 reshoots, ask for a larger budget (several times), fall behind on production, complain about the catering, fire multiple directors, etc?  (let me know if I missed anything there)  


Since GnR no longer makes music, it's entirely possible that Slash and/or Axl will make a movie. 

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It's not like Slash wrote and directed the movie.


Movies are a pretty big crapshoot.


Body of Lies had a 70 million dollar budget, Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe as the stars. Ridley Scott directing. And the screenwriter is the same guy who did The Departed. And a GnR song involved.


And that movie flopped.


Axl needs to spend 100% of this energy on the follow up to CD.

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I would start off the movie with Buckethead watching hardcore porn in the chicken coop, wanking away on his guitar, whence the solo for If The World appears. In walks Axl with a couple of wolf dogs whom proceed to poo all over the place. No quarter asked; no quarter given. The winds of shit Arrr blowin' strong. 

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6 hours ago, GUNNER said:

Current GnR is a better and more lucrative horror movie than any Slasher film.

Slash goes to the dentist to get his rotten teeth fixed so he can play guitar with them like Jimi Hendrix and be considered one of the greatest geetar lickers who ever lived. A sexy blonde dental assistant with big fake boobs puts Slash under with two huge hits of nitrous oxide and a pre-reunion, nappy headed Axl Rose walks into the room and proceeds to lop off all of Slash's fingers with that tiny round power saw dental technicians use for working on false teeth. After that the room goes black. A few moments later the white light starts to creep back in on what the audience assumes is a post dental surgery, groggy Slash waking up, only to reveal a creepy Brazilian tranny holding up a sign that reads: "Slash's Teeth, Better Than The Old Ones!" The camera pans to Slash. He looks at a mirror on the wall and opens his mouth to discover that his finger tips have been sewn onto his gums. 





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