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Salsh Reveals Fear During Clip Recording

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Guitarist Slash said he experienced scary moments during the recording of the 1991 Guns N 'Roses music video "November Rain."
"The way [director] Andy Morahan filmed made me think, 'This is going to be the last thing I do,' because the helicopters were flying [directly] over me. I thought, 'It's going to be cool to do this, and this will be my last day,' "he said in a recent interview with writer Clay Marshall. "Because it was such an elaborate production, I being a simpler rock guy, I thought, 'Oh, God. All those things! 'But it was really cool. "


According to him, the idea for the clip came from the lead singer and band leader, Axl Rose. "It was an epic production. It was all more of Axl's vision than anything I had involved. My contribution was [that] I wrote my own part, where there is the marriage exit and [play in front of] the church, "Slash said. "Now, all this time after, it's more of Axl's [victory] than anything else that's hit that plateau. I always knew it was cool music. "
Regarded as one of Guns N 'Roses' most iconic video clips, "November Rain" set a YouTube record for July reaching a billion views.




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Junkie Slash:


"No more Steph Seymour ballads blah blah arf arf".


Sober cuck employee Slash:


"Uh, it was really cool".


Some dentist tell him to close his mouth for 2 more years, pls.

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