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John Bonham

GNR Cornholes Fans Again

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In the last several weeks, following the release of Guns N' Roses $1,000 box set version of Appetite for Destruction, there has been an unprecedented wave of copyright strikes against GNR fan sites on YouTube, Soundcloud, and the web, etc. etc.


GunsNFNRoses.com has personally received copyright strikes on their YouTube and Soundcloud accounts, and has had their previous, coward, web-host Siteground revoke their contract with no refund and no explanation.


Other high-quality sites have also been affected. Gibboo's YouTube channel, was probably the best GNR channel on YouTube. This account has been completely destroyed. Years of hard work and countless videos lost.


To date, the only response from GNR management has been smug, dick-breathed Tweets from long-time ass-hat Del James.


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GNR Cornholes Fans Again

Dearest Axl

Hi...can somebody bring me up to speed?

Oi!! Cunts!!

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