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The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

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3 hours ago, magisme said:

I couldn't help myself. Sorry, @Damn_Smooth.

Well, at least you're admitting it. I would never have known. There's hope for you yet. You should probably say 25 hail Marys and molester a little boy to be sure though. Or something like that.

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When it comes to Fernando, I say the same thing I used to say when Axl would get all bent out of shape about "lies" and "misinformation" from "people who don't know".   You could clear it al

I've never seen a more hostile relationship between fans and band management. Mostly because if you're a competent management team, fans don't know who you are.

"Fernando and Beta, get out of my way Don't need to buy none of your box sets today"

1 hour ago, maynard said:

Still think Russ is a great guy. And I always liked how he enjoyed the jokes even though he was a mod. Great guy. 

In his early days I agree with you 

But then he turned into Downs main lap-dog. Now Russ thinks he is royalty...because he moderates a GnR forum. Of all things to let go to your head. 


He - like Downs - is also a complete hypocrite. I just read a topic where he made three negative or joke comments against GnR. Then somebody else made a negative comment. Russ said something like “some people always complain, can’t understand that mindset.” After he just had made three negative comments himself. 

Total hypocrite. 


Imagine if your main success in life was being Downs lapdog. 

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