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John Bonham

Upgrade to Version 4.2.7 of Invision Community

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Okay the fuckin quoting shit.  Are there any options behind the scenes?  Like, can we just get a few nested quotes?  Is that some feature that breaks the servers like the people in the thread list thing?  I'd be happy with just 2 nested quotes.  What's the deal there?  Sorry if this has already been addressed.  


How can I quote someone who's quoted someone else and preserve the context?  

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The nested quotes have been problematic right back to the 3.x days.


In 4.0, there was the option to allow them, but there were various problems with them. We had a lot of bug reports saying that they weren't working right, leading to blank posts and sometimes broken posts.


We looked at various options but they never fully solved the problem.

In 4.1, we have removed that option. Now when you quote a post that contains a quote, that quote is removed. However, you can still manually nest quotes if you were so inclined.

Sometimes we have to make a decision to ensure the product's stability and we never want to leave a feature in that we know does not work correctly and causes you and your members problems.




There is no way in which to next quotes in the 4.2 series of products, unfortunately.


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