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Wrestlemafia II: Purgatory Boogaloo - GAME OVER (TOWN WINS)

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1 hour ago, GnRLiars said:

I’ll be stunned if you guys don’t vote me as commissioner. 

In the mean time, I’m gonna sit back, eat some freshly killed meat and have a couple of beers


make the right decision. 

This post screams manly and American. ?

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6 hours ago, John Bonham said:

I am going to vote for hotdogman as commissioner.

He's not a longtime vet like arnold layne or bacardimayne, nor a a relative noob like Ragnar or KFCBucket.

Just a good, middle-of-the-road, conservative choice.


Official Vote: hotdogman



  Reveal hidden contents



Conor liked this post.  Take it for what it's worth. 


I agree bacardi could be a good commissioner. He knows a lot about wrestling, and I tust everyone's instincts here if he isn't panning out. 

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40 minutes ago, magisme said:

Because I never have any clue who to vote for on Day 1, and I think JB makes some good calls early sometimes.


Also, I don't know wrestling, but I'm pretty sure GnRLiars role revealed with his post about meat and beers, and I doubt a mafioso would role reveal on Day 1.

Ok valid 

vote GNR Liars


Just remember Austin turned heel in 2001


but mags makes good points

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21 minutes ago, Major Mayhem said:



If elected comissioner, what would your first match be?

If elected. I think it would be a food themed match. 

I’m liking a @hotdogman vs @Sauerkraut


the possibility of a food based foreign object hidden in one of their trunks is too much of a fun twist to not have as our first main event. 

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5 minutes ago, GnRLiars said:

Or did I mean a cage match of saaavy wrestling veterans like 

@Troy McClure vs @bacardimayne


obviously Troy would have some insider info on the outcome of the match, but Bacardi could bring some of that Canadian deep freeze and give him a serious bout of frostbite. 

unvote GNR Liars vote Cardi

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