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Wrestlemafia II: Purgatory Boogaloo - GAME OVER (TOWN WINS)

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(Really just another excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible, providing a contextual foundation for wrestling shitgifs)


magisme - Chris Jericho

GnRLiars - Stone Cold Steve Austin

John Bonham - Brock Lesnar

(IMPOSTOR) Mr America - Braun Strowman

altered beast - Bret Hart

arnold layne - Finn Balor

bacardimayne - Big Show

Major Mayhem - AJ Styles

KFCBucket - Undertaker

hotdogman - Kane

Ragnar - Shinsuke Nakamura
Jerry Callo - John Cena
Bernadette - Ultimate Warrior
arnold layne - Triple H


Welcome to the sixth instalment of the Purgatory franchise, Wrestlemafia II: Purgatory Boogaloo. See the first Purgatory game, and the secondthe third, and the fourth, for an idea of the game you have signed yourself up for. Now that you have your mostly randomly assigned roles, it's time to begin playing. As always, here are a simple set of rules for the game, but I've also attached a quick Mafia Guide for players new to the game.




Simpler, abridged rules:

1. Stick to your assigned role, and read it carefully. If you have questions regarding your role send the game moderator a PM.

2. You may not quote PM's in the game thread. This includes manufacturing fake PM's.

3. Communication between players is limited to the game thread and during the day only. Your PM with your role information will inform you if you can talk to another player via PM. If you are unsure of what the day is please PM the game moderator.

4. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited.

5. Please bold your votes.
Official Vote: Conor
Unvote: Conor

6. Once the number of votes to lynch a player have been made, the player is lynched and Night begins. Posting in the game thread at Night is strictly prohibited. Posting includes, but is not limited to, thoughts on the lynch, bumping, omg!!! etc. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you post during the Night there will be penalties. No exceptions.

7. Players with Night roles are encouraged to send the moderator PM's ASAP. If they do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that Night forfeited. There will be a warning when the time is taking too long.

8. Do not post after you are dead unless told otherwise.

9. The moderator is the only one to make official vote counts.

10. Please post. If something comes up where you will not be able to post please let the game moderator know.
11. For those unsure of how to play, please consult this guide:-


It's going to be another slobberknocker. And very fittingly, my 8000th post.

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Unvote/vote: lance   1. He isn't even playing ffs. Low risk, possible high reward.  2. Alternative strategy to weed out inactives. 3. If he was town, Conor could have modkilled hi

Hey bacardi, remember that warning point you gave me in 2012?  Well I no-selled it.  

Detective McGuffin sits at his desk staring blankly at a small medallion, simply engraved "J.J", his only lead in the Vince McMahon murder case. As he manoeuvres the medallion between his fingers, he states blankly at a list of names. Jimmy Jacobs, Jon Jones, Jason Jordan, Jeff Jarrett, Jack Jester, and even Jesse Ventura (his birth name is James Janos, look it up you fatasses), to name but a few. What could it mean? Could the inscription relate to something other than a person?

Monday Night Raw remains somber in atmosphere, despite the weeks passed since the death of Vince McMahon, but the show must go on. With the MAFIA running wild and attempting to seize control of the show, a stand must be made. WWE President Jack Tunney appears on the titantron to deliver a message to the fans and superstars, which is particularly impressive as he's been dead for fourteen years.

"The current situation is unprecedented, but we are not un-presidented." Tunney performs a little dance before continuing. "We shall learn from our mistakes and our accomplishments, and proceed the only way we know how. We must come up a show that will sports entertain you, in the name of the great Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It's what he would have wanted."

"Nearly a year and a half ago, we were in disarray, but Vince knew what to do. He knew the best course of action was to elect a Commissioner, and he was right. With that in mind, I implore you to elect the best damn Commissioner you can. It will be the job of the Commissioner to finalise tonight's Main Event, pitting superstars in direct competition with each other. For their lives." The air in the room suddenly dissipates as shock whirls around the arena.

"We will weed out this poison any way we see fit."

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9 minutes ago, John Bonham said:


FOS: Troy McClure

I’m trying to use logic

we have a small game 

why rush ?


i still prefer Cardi or Major as commissioner due to them being wrestling marks

heck im a good candidate 


i would also also like to know what exactly the commissioner role will be like mags said



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1 hour ago, GnRLiars said:

I’ll be stunned if you guys don’t vote me as commissioner. 

In the mean time, I’m gonna sit back, eat some freshly killed meat and have a couple of beers


make the right decision. 

This post screams manly and American. ?

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6 hours ago, John Bonham said:

I am going to vote for hotdogman as commissioner.

He's not a longtime vet like arnold layne or bacardimayne, nor a a relative noob like Ragnar or KFCBucket.

Just a good, middle-of-the-road, conservative choice.


Official Vote: hotdogman



  Reveal hidden contents



Conor liked this post.  Take it for what it's worth. 


I agree bacardi could be a good commissioner. He knows a lot about wrestling, and I tust everyone's instincts here if he isn't panning out. 

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40 minutes ago, magisme said:

Because I never have any clue who to vote for on Day 1, and I think JB makes some good calls early sometimes.


Also, I don't know wrestling, but I'm pretty sure GnRLiars role revealed with his post about meat and beers, and I doubt a mafioso would role reveal on Day 1.

Ok valid 

vote GNR Liars


Just remember Austin turned heel in 2001


but mags makes good points

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