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How to multiquote

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3 hours ago, MBrose said:

Lol Gunner, I have no idea how to do that either. I can’t even post vids and multi quote is hard as well. 

You can laugh, but helping me out would even be better


Im not here to laugh at people's difficulties. -.-


I always like to help when people is educated enough and not arrogant.


Here it is:


In the left side of the "quote" button of each post, there's this "+" button, just use it as many times as you want to multiquote. The forum will save your intention to quote all those posts and you can reply to  all of them wherever/whenever you want, just using the pop window button the forum will provide to you when you'll try to post after using the "+".


Thats it. No master degree needed :P


I hope people stop messing all the forum with nonsense after this tutorial.



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1 minute ago, magisme said:

I think GUNNER should do a series of "how to" tutorials.


Im always trying to help :shrugs:

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