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Best Moments Axl Rose Incidents:

2017 - Axl Angry With A Fan, He Can't Find His Car
2011 - Axl Angry With A Fans, Vancouver 
2010 - Bottle Incident, Sao Paulo
2009 - Axl Rose angry with Paparazzi, Los Ángeles
2009 - Angry Fans, Argentina
2006 - Ejects The Security Guards, England
2006 - Confronts Fan, San Francisco
2006 - Technicals Problems, Download Festival
2006 - Fan Throws At 1 Pound, England
2002 - Band Fail, Philadelphia
2001 - Fan With Slash T-Shirt, Rock In Rio 3
1993 - Duff Is Knocked Out By Bottle, Sacramento
1993 - Axl Rose Gets Rocks, Argentina
1992 - Axl Rose Angry With Reporter And Break His Cam, Chile
1992 - Axl Rose Gets Bottles Thrown At Him, Chile
1991 - Fans Was Talking Photos About Show, St. Louis
1991 - Fan Kicked The Camera Gnr Photographer, Philadelphia
1986 - Bottle Is Thrown, Los Angesles

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it only takes about 30 seconds watching to know Axl is a punk

Hes not a tough guy, bu he loves pretending he is.


This guys he challenged to fight, I wish one had gone on stage. 

He would have never made it past security, but to see Axl get his ass handed to him would be swell


Axl's a pussy

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38 minutes ago, Bombom77 said:

I was there when he threw the security guys out (Birmingham, UK).  Was kinda cool of him.  Its usually fans getting punked.



in that case, he was ok.

still a fucking loser, but this time sticking up for the fans.

i kinda wish that the bouncer security guy would have fought Axl

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