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NBA 2017-2018

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On 3/1/2019 at 5:55 PM, magisme said:

Embiid has better numbers across the board this year, and he's got like 6 other guys on his team looking to get numbers. Davis has actually never averaged 12 boards for a full year.  Imagine being a dominant big man and never averaging 12 rebounds.

To be fair, that means defenses have to worry about six other guys. Who are they worrying about on the Pelicans? Jrue Holiday and Davis. You can double or triple team Davis. If you double Embiid, he can simply pass to Butler (beast), or to Simmons (will be perennial All Star) or sharp-shooter JJ Reddick. Better across the board? Joel is averaging .5 points per game more and one rebound per game more. Davis is averaging more assists and blocked shots, and has a higher shooting percentage. So their seasons are basically a wash.


Dude. Really? 12 rebounds is your magic number for a big man to be "dominant"......11.8, 11.1 and 12.3 the last three years.

But just for fun. In the entire history of the NBA, only 17 players have averaged 12 rebounds per game for their career. That's in 70 something years.


You know who didn't average 12 boards per game for their career? Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. Hakeen Alajuwon. Shaq. Tim Duncan. David Robinson. Clearly they weren't dominate big men.


Shaq played 17 years and only averaged 12-plus boards per game FIVE times.


Davis currently has the 35th highest rebounds per game average for a career. 35th highest career average of ALL TIME........LOL, yea, he isn't an "elite big man" at all. And he is 25 years old and getting better every season.


If Davis continues his trend of the last three years and does it for another decade, he'll finish with one of the TOP FIFTEEN rebounding averages in NBA HISTORY.


You and Brasky wouldn't take him? That means you have a different opinion than literally every single NBA owner and coach.


Sometimes I wonder if you guys actually watch the NBA at all? Or just catch highlights of your favorite team and glance over yahoo headlines.


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Lakers vs. Celtics tonight. National TV so Kyrie will find the courage to play. Against Lebron so Kyrie will try to impress his boyfriend. Probably a loss unless Kyrie is on a minutes restriction.

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57 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

Thunder look bad. The white boy from the Clippers can shoot. 

I wish nothing but the worst for Russell Memebrook.

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